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About IGC

As a 3-Time Winner of the Indiana Apartment Association’s Management Company of the Year Award, you can be assured that everything we do is geared to deliver you the best resident experience. We want you to feel confident, comfortable, and know that you are special to us! It is our mission to offer REAL HOSPITALITY to you.

Company Strategy

Today, IGC’s profile consists of a sound combination of strategically located apartment communities in the mid-west. Currently employing over 80 people, and devoting significant resources to professional development and technological improvements, IGC is about realizing visions. Diligently, it follows a disciplined strategy for growth:

Acquiring choice properties at optimal times, always seeking opportunities to increase value, especially during the first years following the acquisition.

Structuring sound acquisitions, balancing debt and equity to optimize financing cost and risk-adjusted returns on investments.

Providing efficient management to optimize property values; adding amenities, modernizing operations and controlling costs which serve to provide above average returns.

Our Capital Partners

We devote scrupulous attention to nurturing the many relationships we have with capital partners – both investors and lenders – through conservative investment projections and ongoing, accurate and timely communications. An alliance with IGC yields predictable and duplicatable success.

About IGC

Our Promise to Every Resident:

We’re committed to the promise that no other property management company strives to deliver the exceptional customer experience IGC gives you, day after day. We consider it a privilege to offer you the best hospitality experience in the industry.

Here’s what you can expect from EVERY IGC community:

We demand resort-like landscaping standards for all grounds to create unmatched and immaculate curb appeal for your enjoyment and enhanced lifestyle experience.

We have implemented an ’immediate response’ policy for community maintenance. Uniformed, competent and courteous professionals will come to you without delay and without worry.

The best way to describe our management team is that they genuinely care about serving you completely. They truly want to ‘make it right’ so you feel special in every way.

Your eyes are our eyes and we demand more. We insist that your apartment is attractive, functional and clean the day you get your keys. Adhering to a higher standard is what REAL HOSPITALITY is all about.