IGC Captures 2023 IAA Management Co of The Year Award. Making them a 3-Time Winner of this honor!

IGC Team Members Celebrate Their IAA 2023 Win

IGC Captures 2023 IAA Management Co of The Year Award. Making them a 3-Time Winner of this honor!

IGC Awarded IAA 2023 Management Co of The Year!

Michael Sakich and Jon Hicks, owners and co-founders, celebrate becoming a 3-time winner of the Management Company of the Year Award after garnering the 2023 trophy. 2011, 2015, and now 2023 make it an unprecedented event!

On a mild evening in October, near downtown Indianapolis, a group of dedicated and excited IGC employees waited for the announcement of the winner of the biggest award of the evening at the Midwest Multi-Family Conference: That of Management Company of the Year. When their name was called, the room erupted with applause and loud shouts of excitement. This isn’t the first time they’ve garnered this honor, an award not often bestowed upon a company outside of the greater Indianapolis region. In fact, it isn’t even the second time. It is the THIRD time In Good Company Property Management has won. An unprecedented feat! What is even more exciting is that the first award was garnered in 2011, then again in 2015. And now to earn this designation in 2023 you cannot ignore that this company has been a powerhouse of quality, community, and excellence for as many years.

What sets them apart is more than just their size, or their profit record, or even their exceptional customer service ratings and extremely low vacancy numbers. The emcee took special care to describe IGC with adjectives that are very different than the usual lead-in to a corporate real estate reward. They talked about how the employees and the owners, and the residents, are all friends. That they see each other as family while also seeing their mission as sacred. And that taking care of those who seek quality housing is a privilege.

With over 25 communities and 2000 units in their portfolio — spanning the width of the Northwest Indiana corridor — each leasing office, each administrative assistant, each maintenance supervisor, and each property manager know that the individual is what is celebrated. Michael Sakich and Jon Hicks, partners, and co-founders, have always insisted on instilling a deep sense of responsibility as the foundation of a culture that is definitely about respecting the individual, and respecting the job at hand. And these smiles prove that true.

Congratulations to IGC for their 2023 win!