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Posted by igc on
This is a test of the resident portal discussion board.
Posted by sharon malcom B1619 locust, apt. 208 on
Hot water heater in the laundry room is still not working.
Posted by mike and jenny farber on
Hi, we are interested in your new apartments in Valparaiso. My daytime phone number is 219 406 0454. We would like to know prices and availability. Thanks, jenny farber
Posted by Michele Wesley on
Can we have a window air conditioner?
Posted by Michele Wesley on
Can we have a window air conditioner?
Posted by Deborah Felone on
My screen on patio is off and needs replaced won't shut and falls off . I reported this June 5th. and have not gotten any results.
Posted by Thierry mentor on
I'm schedule to move in today in an apartment at the traditions in burns harbor, Indiana and I was wondering where should I pick up the key and sign my lease?
Posted by Robert Krisch on
I have spoken with the landlady at the Reserve at Norwood and she informed me the windows in the units were going to be replaced, but they have not yet been replaced though this has been promised for over a year, even longer if you speak with some of the other residents. I am hoping to expedite the process and get the windows replaced soon as the current ones are very old and inefficient. Thank you.
Posted by Cynthia Posley on
I renewed my lease and want to have my carpet cleaned. What needs to be done next so as to schedule an appointment to have that done. Thank you.
Posted by Danae Thomas on
I have reported that there is mold in the hallway of our building but there has been no communication about this with me or this complex has not fixed this issue. I also have called the office Multiple times and left messages and never received any communication back. This complex community is Autumn Creek apartments in Fort Wayne IN
Posted by mike sakich on
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Posted by Megan Bowers on
I have sent 3 separate emails to the office here over the past 7 days and have received NOT 1 response. It is absolutely unprofessional especially when they have time to update facebook. I want to break my lease I am so beyond upset with the management here. Can I please get a response to my emails, I just want to break my lease and move. I am done here. Just want to know how much/what I need to do.
Posted by José Rodriguez on
I live in autumn creek apartments in fort wayne and i have a complaint about parking. In front of my building there are 16 parking spots and 3 of which are handicap which leaves 13 parking spots for the other 14 plus familes whom some have multiple vehicles. There are never enough parking spaces and sometimes you have to park as far as 3 buildings. This insane especially when you factor in the price of the rent here. What would have to happen for us to have assigned parking spots? Or at least write a memo about people parking cars which arent daily drivers and leaving them for days on end. It is to cold not to be afforded a simple amenity of being able to pull up and park in front of your own house. Please do something about this problem
Posted by José Rodriguez on
I live in autumn creek apartments in fort wayne and i have a complaint about parking. In front of my building there are 16 parking spots and 3 of which are handicap which leaves 13 parking spots for the other 14 plus familes whom some have multiple vehicles. There are never enough parking spaces and sometimes you have to park as far as 3 buildings away. This is insane especially when you factor in the price of the rent here. What would have to happen for us to have assigned parking spots? Or at least write a memo about people parking cars which arent daily drivers and leaving them for days on end. It is to cold not to be afforded a simple amenity of being able to pull up and park in front of your own house. Please do something about this problem.
Posted by Tom on
I need someone with clout besides the property manager at my current leasing facility to contact me with concerns I have/had before/after I moved into my residence. I want to be contacted by someone directly, not an assistant to a person, or 5 people down from the person whom I need to actually speak with. Thank you.
Posted by Sam on
Hi I am wondering why each of your facilities has different pet restrictions and why those restrictions apply to visiting pets who come for a day or overnight. Complexes I have lived in in the past did not care about pets visiting for less than a few days so I am just wondering about the rationale for restricting visiting animals (especially when they are not an aggressive breed). My complex does not allow St bernards and I have friends traveling with theirs who wanted to visit me but can't because of their dog. I understand restrictions to reduce noise and damage but I don't see how she would make more noise than an additional adult or would cause much damage in one night that my pets couldn't cause over the course of my 1 yr lease. I would appreciate an understanding of the rationale for varying pet policies based on complex and why those restrictions are placed on visiting pets. Thanks.
Posted by Sami on
Hi I am wondering if you can explain to me why St Bernards are on the restricted list. I have friends who wanted to visit me but can't because they have their dog with them and she is a restricted breed (but not in all of your complexes). I have two dogs and am having difficulties understanding how she would make more noise than an additional adult or cause more damage in one night than my two could in one year. I understand having the restriction for residents but not for visiting pets. I would just like to understand the reasoning behind that as I know other complexes in the IGR family allow saints and other complexes I have lived at are not concerned with pets visiting for a day or two. Thanks!
Posted by Mary R Spillers on
No access to a pool and a gym! have a very serious complaint! My rent is $684.00 per mo...This is my 3rd year! NOT ANOTHER!!!
Posted by Mary R Spillers on
No access to a pool and a gym! have a very serious complaint! My rent is $684.00 per mo...This is my 3rd year! NOT ANOTHER!!!
Posted by Ahmed Al-Mohammed Saleh on

This is my 5th year with you guys and I have never been late with my rent and I have never missed one with you. So instead of treating me in a good way you guys just keep increasing the rent every year from around $600/month to $800/month. is this the way you treated us ? I think you just do not want me to stay with you and the only way to kick me out is to increase the rent.

Thank you for that
Posted by AMJ on
Multiple times this year the pool has been closed at Autumn Creek. First, it was blamed on lifeguards not being available. Now, it is due to improper treatment of the chemicals in the pool. I have never lived in an apartment complex where the pool has been closed so much. While there are plenty of places to swim in Fort Wayne, I live in a place with a pool for convenience and pay the extra rent for the ammenities to use at my leisure, not to drive across town 15-20 minutes to use my friends pool in her apartments. More lifeguards need to be hired for future years, and proper attention to the pool treatments would help.
Posted by Debra Christman on
I have been trying to pay my rent online for some time. with no luck and there isn't anyone at the office by the time i get home from work. So i'm wanting to know if i'm going to be charged late fee because of the site not working right so i can pay my rent or because no ones here when i get home from work??
Posted by Mary R Spillers on
No access to gym or pool. Always some problem. Pool... Waiting on Board of Health. Gym.... Waiting on carpet to be replaced! This all is included in my rent!!! It's wrong I am paying for both of these things... And have NO ACCESSES TO EITHER!!!!!!!!!! DISCOUNT SHOULD BE PROVIDED!!8peuyh
Posted by Jared on
I had packages delivered and it was confirmed they were delivered as well but I always work when the office is open. Is there any way to check if they were delivered to the office rather than my mailbox?
Posted by Brian on
Why does the front office always seem to be closed or they close early at Reflections, I have been waiting 2 days now to get a package that was apparently delivered to the front office, but they have been either closed or close early before I can get home from work. It is very inconvenient and not resident friendly.
Posted by Ahmed Al-Mohammed Saleh on
I have posted here before on Jul 27th, 2015 to tell everyone about what View Pointe Apartments do to kick you out by increasing the rent yearly. After what I have posted, I got an email from Michael Sakich who works as a principal of IGC on July 31, 2015 asking me about the property which I'm at. I answered his email and he said that he is going to follow up with me on Monday. I agreed and he did not follow up at all. I emailed him back on August 10, 2015 to see if he is going to get back to me or not but now answer at all. That show you how much they really care. So to continue on my review to you guys. This year they increase the rent more. Even that I was paying month-to-month rent, which is $75 more for being not under a contract for a full year, they kept increasing the rent. Today October 23, 2015 I got a call from Cindy Ransom who is Property Manager. She just checking why I'm not happy about the increasing of the rent yearly. Remember guys that the last email between me and Michael Sakich was in July and they are just checking now in October 23, 2015. So I told her the whole story about being with them for over 5 years and they never appreciate that. The answer she gave me and she always gives the same answer to me every year is because the tax, water bills, and taking care of the property. It's the same answer every year and it's crazy because the rent never stay the same. what I know that the tax goes up, stay the same, or may be go down sometimes. The same thing with water bills if you calculate the average yearly, sometimes go up and sometimes go down. For taking care of the property I can tell you they never take care of the property very well from the inside. They just put some flowers out to make it nice but it never be nice from the inside. The same day today Cindy called me to check on me because the toilet for the apartment above me was flooded. They know how bad and old these apartment. Let me tell you another bad experience with them. Last year was in a vacation in the summer and when I got back the whole apartment was wet and flooded wit water. Everything was damaged and my own furniture was damaged too.

I talked a lot here but I want everyone to know every single thing about them before you come and kill yourself here. They will talk nice to you but later they only talk about increasing rent. I tell every single student in Valparaiso University to run away from them and live somewhere else and I'll try my best to warn every single person and write on every single website. If you want more info you can call me on (219) 242-0391
Posted by Michelle on
I agree with the previous comment about Reflection's. I have packages delivered to the office without any attempt to my apartment 1st and I never receive calls from the office telling me they're there. When I go to the office no one is ever there or they close early and I end up calling and asking maintenance if they can bring my packages to me. If they're going to accept mail, they could at least call the residents and let them know. Kinda ridiculous!
Posted by Lacey Morris on
Hi, I recently moved out of Autumn Creek Apartments in October 2015. I have still not received our deposit.
Posted by LaShawn Guydon on
Hi I'm a resident at harvest grove and I'm trying to get the number for maintenance because there is no hot water in my apartment.
Posted by Kristi Dittman on
I am a resident of Reflections apartments and I am looking to get ahold of the manager Rachel Bortone. I am not able to get a call back from her and I am having issues with the office there. If you could please have her contact me I would appreciate it.
Posted by Jaclyn Hac on
The dryer vent on the west side of our unit has a bird living in the broken vent. We're concerned that the bird may bring bugs (i.e., bird mites) to our unit. We live at Traditions at 344 S Boo Rd.
Posted by Tracey Bates on
After reading the posts here, I am very upset over the yearly rate increases. I too have received another rental rate increase. I am at a complete loss as to why there is a rate increase, since there are absolutely no improvements to be seen that would equate to a rate increase. I am also not understanding why a company would demand a rate increase on tenants who are quiet, pay on time and have had no discernible problems with management ever. I was under the impression good tenants should be rewarded and not punished. Thoughts anyone?
Posted by Ben Turbin on
We have water pouring from my bathroom vent twice a day. The maintenance techs here at Ashley Oaks have been trying to fix it for over a week and half. I think its time to call a plumber or HVAC tech since this is not being resolved. They were here today and said since our vent was closed there was condensation building up. The vents been open all night and water continues to pour. This is unsanitary and destructive to our personal property. Please resolve soon. This is not a complaint against the maintenance tech as she has been great. I just think its time to bring in a professional. Thank you, Ben
Posted by Freddie Castro on
We have a slow leak under the bathroom sink that needs repair. We have a crack in the ceiling that needs to be fixed. We also have a light in the kitchen that is not working and yes we have changed the light bulb. The kitchen sink door has spit open that needs repair too. Please call me on these matters 219.628.2936.
Posted by Karla Lloyd on
I was promised twice by our pervious manger at Arbor Glen apartments Shirley Lamm that I was approved to receive new kitchen cabinets. The second time she oked me to get them put in she gave me a date. Close to the date she said you cancelled them. After she left working here I found out from a past maintenance man that she gave them to another tenant friend of hers. These are the original cabinets (very old) and don't close properly, one drawer is falling out, they have been re-done (looks like) several times. I have rented here growing on my 8th year now and enjoy the apartment. I have referred 4 friends here. When I show them my apartment first, after seeing the available apartment they all come back saying the other kitchens are so much better and newer than mine. I'm asking you instead of asking my office at Arbor Glen hoping I can get some results from the top. Please respond to this before my new lease comes up.
Posted by Ben Turbin on
Water is still pouring from the ceiling in our full bath. This time it is worse. I have submitted work orders last week and they come by and nothing is resolved. This is a major issue for us and we wont be forced to live under these conditions. Last night a gallon of water poured from the ceiling. Please advise.
Posted by Scott huffman on
Yeah autumn creek needs new management it sucks they start shit and don't finish it say there going to do things and they do not.
Posted by Donghong Liu on
I live in Ashley Oaks Drive in Lafayette, Indiana. My neighour is too noisy. He plays stero loudly and the sounds almost shake the wall down. I requested him to keep the stero down but in vain. The wall between us is too thin to be sound proof. I've been tortured for three months and I've got a heart problem ever since. I was very healthy before I moved here. I hope to change to another apartment in the same complex but was told to pay $400. Why? It is not my fault. It is your obligation to keep the whole neighbourhood in order and in harmony. I have my right to enjoy a quite place. I've paid higher rent but suffered more.
Posted by Mark Richard Michnick on
Why is there no way to dispute being denied admittance? I have had one run in with the law after high school and received two misdemeanors. So that makes me a criminal even though it's been four years? I learned my lesson and it's a shame I can't even be accepted for an apartment complex. I own three vehicles and have maintained a job for over two years with more than enough income. If you guys are truly about the consumer you'll revise your policy to be more flexible or give opportunity to those who can prove they deserve it.
Posted by Larrynuh on
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Posted by cheryl on
I live in Bayberry Place. We were told that you are going to charge a service fee to pay rent online. I have lived her 4 years and never had to pay a service fee. I went on line to pay my April rent and I always use my debit card and it says they want to charge me 22.00 for a service fee. That is horrible and way to much money for a service fee. There are gonna be a lot of upset residents when they go to pay there rent online and realize how much it is. Something needs to be done.
Posted by Abagail on
I have lived at your Burns Harbor location for 3 years. Every year the rent has gone up. Now we are informed we will be charged for water. On top of that you are going to charge the residents a 30.00 service fee to pay our rent online? I would like to know how much cost you are incurring that brings you to charge your customers this much. I would also like to know what you actually feel you do for the people that rent at your properties. You have the highest comps in the area and to be honest, other than a clean home, which we maintain ourselves, we see nothing in return from you as a company. Charging your renters to pay such a large fee, just to pay their rent, is pushing it over the edge. I'm quite sure you will be hearing of this problem again.
Posted by Star Nelson on
What a ridiculous scam to add a service fee to pay rent online. Your greed is going to drive residents away. We are perfect tenants and always pay early, and this is your response--find another way to impose a rent increase between lease renewals? Don't expect another lease renewal from us.
Posted by Nneka Rhodes on
I was never informed of a service fee for paying my rent online and then to find out it's $23??? I called the office yesterday to ask why ir wouldn't allow me to pay my rent and no one ever returned my call them to try again and it's a few of $23, that's crazy.
Posted by Deweyclins on
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Posted by Anonymous on
Hi, I live in the middle section of the new building at Viewpoint in Valparaiso. There is a dog in apartment 97 that barks starting around 830 in the morning until late in the afternoon. If you live there, I have been looking up cheap, safe ways to get your dog to stop barking. Ultrasound, Spray, and muzzle devices may work. Is there any way the office here can get in touch with them?
Posted by Chris on
Hi! We are very concerned about a dark green Ford E150, plate number D539FE, that has been parked on the verge (Eddy Street) opposite the 108 block of Arbor Glenn apartments. Been there well over a month, hasn't moved and I think it's probably abandoned. Kind of an eyesore to say the least!! Just wanted you to be aware.
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Posted by marcia bascom hawkins on
I am trying to pay my rent but the website is not bringing up the proper screen so I can pay and I dont want to get a late fee
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