For Our Realtors©

REALTORS2.pngWe appreciate our Realtor© community and their efforts in bringing prospective residents to our communities. This portal is created for you, and provides an easy and professional way for you to introduce your clients to the IGC experience, to memorialize your relationship with them, and then in turn insures that your referral fee is protected when your client leases from us.


By clicking HERE, you will be directed to a page that allows you to choose the communities that your clients will visit, even allowing for multiple choices. When you press SEND, two things will happen. 1) You will alert the Community Sales Manager to the name of the client you are sending and your name and contact information. 2) Make sure that your client stays connected to you. Once you send the email, you will receive confirmation which you can print out and keep in your files as proof of our alliance.

IGC understand that together we can accomplish anything, and that means respecting all of the professionals who work to make our success possible. Thank you for your support!